Melody Squire

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American-born choreographer Melody Squire is known for creating visually stimulating work as well as her innate storytelling ability. Her versatility across dance genres makes her a choreographer in high demand. Melody is the founder, choreographer and artistic director of Sol Dans Company, an award winning contemporary dance known for its innovative movement, emotive content, and dynamic athleticism. 

Recent choreography credits include: #LondonisOpen - City of Creativity and City of Dance campaigns launched by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Selfridges, The Corrs, Fabletics, UK Music Video Awards, World Class Awards (Johannesburg, SA), So You Think You Can Dance UK, and the Dead Moon 3D which was nominated for Best Music Video and Best Short at the LA 3D Film Festival (USA). Melody worked extensively as a professional dancer in feature films and pop promos for artists such as James Blunt, Madonna, and Beyonce.